XR650R...Helpful Hints

Hey, I'm always looking for easier and better ways to do things...and I've come across a few. I thought this might be a neat way to exchange those "little things" amongst ourselves. Please throw some of your ideas on here. Here's a few from me:

1. Zip-tie your throttle cables to the frame (under the seat area) so you don't accidently re-route them when you put your tank back on. If you've ever got them below the tank mounts, they will pull too tight (yep, I've done that!).

2. "Choked Up". I have, in the past, forgotten which way the choke goes when I use the middle position! This is my stupid mental note to remember it correctly. (I know...you guys probably don't have that problem...but, wait a few more years!).

3. Replace that stupid hose clamp! The stock clamp holding the hose to the petcock is a joke (after much cussing and gnashing of teeth, I wised up!). Moose sells a packet of "real" clamps pretty cheap. I'm sure you can get similar ones at Home Depot, or any hardware store...but, OEM has to go!

4. Before you uncork (just in case someone out there hasn't yet!), consider this; if you're going to spend the $130ish to buy the new tip replacement (instead of the inexpensive home modification)...why not just get an after-market exhaust instead? I went with the FMF Q muffler. I paid about $280 for it, and I still have the stock muffler if I need or want to go back (of course, nobody ever would except to sell it or something like that!). The Q looks and sounds great!

I've done so many more things to the bike. Some of them seem so obvious (and, I'm sure the ones above are "old hat" to many of you), others I'll remember during the Monday night game! Looking forward to hearing your ideas. I'll be back!


Always, always, always remember to take off your rear disc lock....8^)

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