new valve keepers?

I am rebuilding my 00 426 and have a new head , valves and am using good as new cams, reatainers, and springs. Should I use new keepers, do they wear out at all. I was told by a dealership I can use them again without any issues. What is the scoop? Any help would be great. Thanks

By the book, you would replace them as a matter of course. They are officially considered a throw-away, single use item. Many engine builder adhere to this regardless of what they are working on, some only when doing a high performance unit, and still others reuse them if they can't see anything wrong with them. I have done both, and it's a sort of a judgment call on the builder's part.

I have seen them fail, but rarely, and only in extreme circumstances. If the inner or outer surfaces are uniformly bright, they've been moving around, and replacing them would probably be wiser. Also, if the upper edge of the ledge on the inside that holds the valve appears mushroomed or rolled over, get new ones.

I replaced mine even though they looked fine. It was a Peace of mind thing a suppose

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