My blood runs BLUE....

But for the Baja1000, I rode red (a VERY tricked out 2002 XR650R).

I rode for Team Keysar/Dixter Racing, 261x, and we had a blast!

We entered in the Sportsman division, and ended up placing 7th. I think that there were 29 entrants in that division. I believe that there were 220 entries in the race, about 50 did not finish at all.

I just got back into town, so I am not going to to into big detail now, but I came away with strong impressions regarding the race, the other vehicles (guess how scary it is to have a 700+ horsepower trophy truck bearing down behind you wanting to pass? You get out of that man's way!) the people of Mexico, the racers that you meet, the baja itself, and many other things.

Will get my photos developed, and then I will go into detail.


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