Post knee surgery pain

I blew out my medial & i don't have my acl anymore!The best thing is to get in a hot tub and work out your knee-try to get the movement back.After put ice!It was hard to get it to bend all the way,as well as making it straight.I have a brace for my knee;but i don't wear it because i have a rod in my tibia-rather my knee blow then the rod shattering my leg for the 3rd time. :):D:D

I did try to ride for about an hour 10 days ago.

Really easy, mostly dirt road stuff with a few whoops and bumps thrown in. I had some knee irritation after this short ride, but my knee, shin and foot hurt for a week after. Do i need to let the surgery trauma heel more before riding again?

My normal rides are in the 100+ mile rides out here in the desert.



On average it takes 6-8 weeks,you did say that you have arthiritus;could that be the pain as well as surgery? Almost every part of my body hurts :) and

am turning 37! Too many broken bones to list :D


Believe me, this is just the latest in a long history of pain and injuries for me. I'm never without pain in this body.

I'm really feelin bad because i have a trip to Bishop planned in two weeks to ride for three days and i'm afraid i'll have to be the camp bitch instead of doing 300 miles of good riding.


Is that the dick allens ride? They have been putting that ride on for a couple of years now.My bike isn't dual purpose,and it has to be if you want to ride.

I had a bad knee from a skiing accident. Just every once-in-a-while it would swell and I would be in pain. This went on for about 10 years. First came out the shark cartridge, I tried that but it didn’t help. Next I moved to Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM which I bought in the Vitamin shoppe. After 2 weeks I was out of pain for the first time in about 10 years. Two years later I am still taking it and can play hard tennis 3 times a week with no problems. Do not waste your money on drug store vitiamins or GNC. Buy good stuff and pay the difference at your local health food store. I am 53.

No, thats the Glenn Lyles ride. I know lots of good routes in the Sierra's, Inyo's and Whites.

You have to be street legal on my rides as well.

Dick allen will charge you 2-3 hundred bucks. I don't charge a cent.


I had my knee scoped 5 weeks ago to clean up a slightly torn lateral miniscus and other degraded cartiledge. The doc also says i have 4th degree

arthiritis in same knee.

The surgery didn't seem to be any big deal, but after 5 weeks my knee still feels like crap and riding a bike doesn't seem to be the smart thing to do right now although the doc said to ease back into my sports activities 4-6 weeks post surgery. Anyone have a similar experience that can tell me how to get this thing better so i can ride? By the way, i'm 51 years old.



when i was 12 i crashed my dr 125(man that was a pile ) and hit my knee on a rock. scare tissue grew over a fat drain or something like that and it hurts like hell after about 5 hours of ridding. i'm 22 now and last weekend did the same thing but this time i was going much faster. not i have to get it unblocked because it hurts to stand up anytime.

Get a OA adjuster brace and fit it with a patella guard , this is presuming your condition is unicompartmentle.

there are several companys making AO Braces

Originally posted by G. LYLES:

No, thats the Glenn Lyles ride. I know lots of good routes in the Sierra's, Inyo's and Whites.

You have to be street legal on my rides as well.

Dick allen will charge you 2-3 hundred bucks. I don't charge a cent.



A bit off topic.... but, do you ride Bishop late summer/early fall? I'd love to ride that area with somebody that knows where they're going. Maybe a TT camp-out?



In June of 2001 I had surgery on my left knee. I had a torn acl, mcl and miniscus.While he was in there he ground out some arthritis too (I'm 46). The acl, mcl and the miniscus all felt much better after the normal rehab but I still had discomfort in the knee.

After many trips back to the ortho, we determined the arthritis is what was causing my problems. As we get older, the areas affected by arthritis take longer to heal. Why....I don't have a clue.

A year later I still have soreness in the knee wether I ride my motorcycle or sit on the couch. My solution.....if it is gonna hurt even if I do nothing, then guess what, I'm gonna ride!! I did invest in a good set of knee braces (Asterisks) to wear during any heavy strain activity.

I'm not going to stop riding and racing so I have decided to purchase stock in the company that makes Motrin. Now I hope my kidneys will hold out!!!!


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I see from the following posts you are having a hell of a time with your knee. After I broke my knee and leg last March I started slowly on my moutian bike just peddling slowly around my house every day after work. (bike set up is very important for knees) At the end of 8 weeks I was up to 25 miles on some very hard climbs. Ended up regaining my Strength and range of motion within 8 weeks this way. After that I got back on the motor cycle in good shape. Hope it gets better quick and we can go ride again soon. -Wilson

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