New look for my 'old' 426





I'm usually not too keen on bikes plastered with decals from manufacturers who aren't actually sponsoring a rider, but I got a good price on this graphics kit and I like it. My plain looking 426 is now freshened up.

I love it, long live the 426s!

Looks good! What kind of graphics are those?

Looks good. I like the graphics, very clean

looks sick.. where did you get the graphics from?

They're from Face Lift Unlimited. The best part is that it's $99 for everything, including a gripper seat cover which I haven't installed yet. You get shrouds/tank, front fender, rear fender, side number plates, airbox, swingarm, fork guards, and KYB decals for the fork tubes.

I considered getting new plastics, but I said screw it and just put the graphics over the scratched plastics and it looks like a new bike.

HMMM. Might have to look into this for my 426. It has new plastics but is pretty plain jane to me and i don't care for it like that.

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