wr400/426 power

I have ridden wr/yzf250s xr400,drz400, and crf 450. I have yet to ride a wr 400 or 426. My question is this does the wr 400/426 have that hang on for dear life power of the crf or is it more managable. My goal is to be able to ride the better part of the day on trails and fire roads with out being totally wiped out. Getting in better shape will help but that is a work in progress. I have narrowed my search to the drz400 wr250 and the wr400/426 but need some big bore opinions since I haven't been able to ride one yet.

The WR426 in stock configuration is tame. If you do the performance mods, you’ll have a tiger by the tail (yes, it will tire you out). Third gear wheelies are a mere snap of the wrist. I’m 5’ 11" and 180 pounds, for me the power delivery is good. I’ve done all the free mods and some of the others. I haven’t taff timed the cams yet and would like to, I also haven’t polished the head and intake yet and would like to.

Sorry I can’t comment on a CRF, I haven’t ridden one. I think you’ll like the WR426 though.

Good luck in your decision.

The 426 rips, even when slightly modified: free mods, airbox, jetting, thinner air filter, modify the exhaust or a baja designs exhaust tip (It will still be decently quiet)and yes it will rip your arms out, I am beat today, the bike was running awesome yesterday, just picked up an 02 x440 dale will see how the power is on that bike in comparison to the 426 cant wait to ride it.

The stock WR is very tame. The performance mods are easy to do and most cost little or nothing. I use a Vor Tip Baffle that seems to be a good conpromise on sound and performance, $80.00. Throttle stop, free, BK mod $2.00, air box, free, grey wire, free, new jets $30.00, YZ timing free. So for $125.00 and some time it will pull your arms off. I did the mods in the above order and performance improved with each change. (have not done YZ timing) Just stop when the performance is what you like.

Motomans site should have a warning, that doing these mods can become an illness, an incurable disease. My bike has allways run pretty good but the more I do to it the better it gets and I can't stop. I don't need more power but keep looking for it.

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