03 wr450 not getting gas

went out to start my 03 wr450 today and to my suprise i had left the gas on and not drained the carb from when i rode it in january. I drained the fuel and replaced with new gas and also replaced the spark plug while i was at it. I took off the float bowl and blew out the pilot and main with carb cleaner and air. the bowl wasn't filled with gunk but did smell like varnish. I hooked everything back up and am not getting gas to fill up the bowl. I tried to spray carb cleaner into the carb at the nipple where the fuel line goes but it won't spray through. I also tried to blow air into it with no luck. Can anybody tell me how to get this cleaned out? I have searched the faq's and the site with no luck

found a link that shows disassembly of an fcr carb. Found that the rubber cone on the float needle was stuck. Cleaned it up and the bike runs great. wish i would have found it before i posted this. this site has been a huge help to me and my friends. Thanks everyone

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