2005 450 any good?

I have a 03 KTM 625, I am trying to sell it and someone offered to trade me a 2005 WR450, piped, new tires, a/m bars and skid plates, good shape. Is this a good trade? What are the downsides of this bike?

I've got an 02 525 KTM MXC and love it ! But then a buddy of mine let me ride his 05 Yami WR450 and now I have an 07 WR450. No need to explain eh?

How is the suspension on the WR vs. the KTM

I really was amazed at the diffrence, the KTM I still love it but I am doing more with the Yami than the KTM like hillclimbs jumps ect. Translated into my confidence is much higher with the balance and tractability with this bike, if I drop the Katey M on a hill it turns into a pig trying to pick it up and get goin again, as for the Yamy it is lighter more nimble, quicker, ofcourse newer gets points to. The suspension is great and comfortable the bike doesnt work me at all.

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