I need Bark Busters, but which ones?????

The GYT-R look good. YAMAKAZE has them maybe he has a PIC. I think that is what I'm getting.


I bought my bike used and never liked the end of my levelers being cut off because of room. I purchased the endure engineering so I could install new levelers and the new clearance works great.

No doubt, Cycra is making the best setup these days.....

Tried em all in 25 yrs of racing.....

I have Pro Bends w/ GYT-R triple-clamp mounts (I've also used the Cycra TC mounts, both work) and my levers clear fine, BUT, I'm weird in that I like them both pointing basically straight down.

To give you an idea, I run the front brake line UNDER the guard-bar, and have 1/4" to spare.

With minimal creative bending you should be able to clear your levers w/ Fredette/EE/Moose or whatever "straight" bark busters.

I think the TC mounts are da bomb since, no matter how often you drop it, your guards will not rotate out of position. I also think the TC mounts give you more room for routing cables and lines. Pricey ($70 I think), but well worth it IMO.

Hope this helps.

I thought I'd add that the "standard" mounts that are delivered w/ Cycras are much easier to work with than the Moose/Fredette/EE kind. I've had the TC mounts so long I sort of forgot about that, but much less "creative bending" is needed w/ the Cycra mounts because they have an extra pivot point that others do not.

Hope this helps some more.

I like Moose. I 've nailed alot of trees with out crashing or any damage. I have also crashed alot and never broke a lever(knock on wood). I run my levers at a steep angle downward so I didn't have to cut them. Strong and cheap can't go wrong. I like Moose.

I have a race coming up and I smashed up my old bars and handguards with them. I was wondering which ALUMINUM handguards to buy. I was looking at enduro engineering but they are a bit pricey an also the moose. I want ones that you don't need to cut the levers (they claim you dont have to with enduro eng.). Thanx for any help. Please, all replies are welcome, yamaha or not. Thanx.

I just bought a set of Emgo guards. They fit nicely are very sturdy and the price was great.

I run my clutch lever just below my busters and my front brake lever is small enough for no cuts anyway. I dropped on both sides and no problem!!

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