Dropped a valve and have a question!!

I dropped a valve in my 2004 wr 450. It messed up the head and piston pretty bad. However the cylinder looks to be in pretty decent shape. A couple of nicks high on the cylinder. I am going to have a company that resleeves cylinders have a look at it.

My Question is whether I need to replace the rod and crankshaft? If I don't have to split the case I don't want to.

Any advice would be helpful.


PS great forums learned alot.

my 2000 is nikasil plated, not sleeved, pretty sure an 04 is too...

Get it replated and rehoned - not too expensive to do.

For your rod/crankshaft inspection, pull up/down on the shaft, there should be NO play, side to side play is allowed, don't worry if you see a blued spot on the crank that's factory.

Your Right it is plated and I have been talking to a company that reconditions heads and cylinders. Looks like they may have some work coming there way. The rod doesn't seem to have any play up and down. Looks like it may just be a topend build then.

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