07/08 Wr 450

Looking to buy a WR 450 in Southern California. What is the bottom line OTD price I should expect to pay for an 08? Does anybody know of any 07 inventory still out there. With the slow economy, I know there will be plenty of 08 inventory left over next year. Should I wait til then?

The lowest I always seem to find on almost any bike is at OTD Cyclesports. Go on their website and get an instant otd quote. I have bought from them only once though as I'm in San Diego and have been able to use their quote to get a match down here on three bikes since. I also was looking for an '07, but could not find anyone with one locally so got an '08 at $6600 otd. It was a fair price, but I know from watching prices last year that I saw the '07's going for about $6100-6200 otd at one point in the late summer/early fall. Good luck.

Just picked up an 08' WR450F for $6,000.00 OTD here in Oregon. They were all out of 07's and the gave me an awesome deal. There out there just have to go to the right place.

I'm sure if you could wait until the end of summer the deals will be better.

I paid $5500 out the door for my '07 WR450 last September.

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