Hi Guys, Im Back!!!

Hi guys, Dave VanBrocklin here, I was a member of this forum for a couple years until I sold my beloved 2000 WR 400 last year. after spending a year on my 01 KX250, I have come back to "the fold"!! I have just put my money down on a 03 WR450f, and am already stoked to ride this thing!! I rode a friends YZ450 and was thoroughly impressed!!

Has anyone actually received a WR450 here yet? I am really looking for some first hand impressions.

Its great to be back, and I recognize alot of usernames, take care!! :)

Dave VanBrocklin

Dave, Long time no see...... We're still here! I don't think anyone has taken delievry on the 03 WR's yet. I'm interested who gets them first.

Nice to hear from you again....


Hey Dave,

I remember you too. a little enveous you guys are all getting new rigs and Im still on my 99 but I cant say I dont still love it.

Congrats and welcome home!

Man, this Forum has changed!!! It is GREAT!!!! Kudo's to all those who have made it happen. I gotta say, I have had some of the best conversations in this forum, and am looking forward to more of the same!!

Milkman, come up to WI and Ill let you ride my new one anytime! :)


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