FCR Carb Set up

I put an FCR on me bike it came with jets in it already...160 main...dunno what piolet but it came straight from khine..i am running a slip on...it stinks of petrol now and i get a lot of popping i havn't done the 3X3 think dunno how to...what should the jettine be in it anyone no?

what does the PAJdo? it says remove it..

Have you done the 3x3 mod? What pipe?

Yes, Paj is removed.

not done a 3x3 am running a laser pro duro...

Is that a full pipe?

You first need to do the 3x3 mod so jetting recommendations will be applicable.

The only firm advice anybody can give you is do the 3x3.

Until you tell us which FCR and what size, and the full jetting specs no one can do more than give a rough guess.

And as for the pilot air jet, well you may need to remove it, and you may not.

Depends on the FCR, i.e. which one, what size and how old.

Neil. :thumbsup::ride::bonk:

Depends on the FCR, i.e. which one, what size and how old.

Get a couple of pics of the carb and post them so we can see what one it is. The take float bowl off (4screws on the bottom of the carb) and see exactly what Main and Pilot Jet (main jet is the one in the middle and the pilot is just next to it, can also see them from removing the 17mm nut in the center of the float bowl) you have, also take the needle out and read the letters from the top of it so we know what needle you have (take the top off and undo the 4mm allen head in the middle top of the slide and carefully remove the needle).

If you have just a slip on exhaust and do the 3x3 theres about a million posts on jetting!!!


Did you try call me earlier Martin ??

I thought i'd answered all these questions last night.

Guess not :thumbsup:

hope this can help


What model FCR did you get? If it is a MX, you need to remove the slow air jet from the carb bell.

Also, did you put in an extended fuel screw? How many turns out?

Which pilot jet is in it?

What needle and clip position.

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