What gear do u guys all wear in normal riding , say to work daily or on the weekend in twisties? general. basically i m asking how many of you wear full gear all the time, helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, boots?

I only ride on the road a small amount duel sport, but always in full gear

Not riding sumo, but I will not leave my driveway without full gear. That is, Joe Rocket ballistic nylon jacket/pants, boots, gloves, helmet (of course). Very occasionally I will go with jeans only for a night out with the GF, but not often and not for any significant trip length.

I have tasted pavement once, many years ago and have no desire to repeat the experience. Since I never know when a BDC will take me out, I always dress like it will be the next time. It's kept me alive up to this point...


Street - Full two piece Vanson leathers w/ Dianese back protector, AStars RR boots, gauntlet road gloves, helmet obviously. At minimum, Bohn Armor underneath jeans and an Icon textile jacket, but always a back protector and good gloves even if I'm just running an errand in the burbs.

Road Course - One piece Ovo Racing suit w/ the full Monty.

Sumo - The Vanson street gear w/ MX boots 'cuz I can't justify the full Troy Lee kit w/ a pressure suit set-up on the top .... yet.

I'm not a vocal gear Nazi, but I do get some self satisfaction by setting the example especially to the younger riders and their hottie pillion models.

Twisty's on the weekend, always full gear.mx boots & knee guards, pants, jacket w/light armor and of course a helmet.

4 mile commute to work, i still wear the jacket but am guilty of wearing my sneakers :thumbsup:

I'm not a vocal gear Nazi, but I do get some self satisfaction by setting the example especially to the younger riders and their hottie pillion models.

The only people that will ride in tee shirt and shorts are the ones who have never crashed. One pavement surfing experience will cure the desire to be cool and make you want to be safe. If they continue riding without gear after a significant crash, they are Darwin Award candidates to me.

I used to get co-workers asking me if my gear was uncomfortable on the hot summer days. I would tell them nowhere near as uncomfortable as road rash... That shuts them up.


i wear m2r leather jacket, shoei helmet, alpine star gloves, jeans and shoes. im currently looking round for some boots and draggin jeans.

i'll be rockin my Alpinestar TZ-1 leather jacket, Scorpion Exo-700 helmet, Held gauntlet gloves, and my cheap-o Setup street boots. might pick up some leather pants eventually.... we'll see.

yeh i now wear shoei helmet, m2r leather jacket, alpinestar sp2 gloves, camo draggin jeans and rjays h2o boots

I never ride without gloves, helmet, and jacket....but i normally only wear jeans and sneakers:bonk:

I only wear the boots and leathers on the track.

Rides longer than 10 minutes:

Gloves (A-star SP-S), boots (Aerostitch Combat Touring Lites), jacket (motoport kevlar mesh), pants (motoport stretch kevlar), helmet.

Around town I'll sometimes skip the pants.

Weekend Back roads: Joe Rocket Jacket and pants, Gloves, Icon Helmet, Leather steel toe boots.

Testing out mods or jetting around the suburbs: Leather jacket, Jeans:bonk: , gloves, icon helmet, boots

Ever since my run in with the road (got some VERY clear reminders) I try to stay as covered as I can, not so easy in the 100 degree weather we have been having in northern Virginia

Full gear always! sumo, mx, street - rain or shine!

I always wear helmet,gloves,either a mesh armored or leather jacket, jeans and above the ankle hiking boots. I know the jeans are the weak link.

I wear the Joe Rocket Supermoto jacket. I don't wear it because it says supermoto on it. It just happens to be the most comfortable jacket I own (I have 8 jackets and two of them are the Joe Rocket Supermoto). It is perferated and stays very cool in the summer. It is pricy, but the best in comfort and a great warm weather jacket. I never ride without a jacket helmet and gloves.

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