Couple Questions?????????

I need a chain press tool and i dont know what to get. I have found a few on like to order from these guys since it only takes one day to get to my house.) The chain i got is RK RX-Ring Chain. I have never had an o ring chain so i decided to try one. It would be nice to have a cheaper tool than a expensive one since it might not be used very much. Also I just got a leat brace and it dosent work very good with my old chest protector. Any new recomendations would be nice.

Never used a chain breaker,never needed too.Have always just ground off the ends of the pins then center punched them out.

Unless you need one for the trail?I'd say don't bother.

I have the same question about the presses. Getting the old chain off is no prob with a grinder. I would think the conern is making sure the new one is pressed correctly. I saw one in DK for $14...kinda like a small trail compact one. Any good?

use two nuts large enough for the pins to pass into on the front side of the chain (one over each pin) and a clamp, once you've pressed it, back it off and it'll stay there until you slide the locking clip in place.

Even though the clip is on. Do the pins still need to be flattend.

Tusk makes a decent chain breaker tool - you can pick it up at for about 14$ or so, I've used mine for a few years now and haven't had any problems, though I have only had to use it a few times all while installing new chains.

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