I am getting a new pipe/silencer for my 2006 YZ 450. I am in between FMF Factory 4 Carbon and Ti power bomb or DrD stainless. Does anyone have any advice on which is better?

They are both good. You'll pay a lot less for the Dr. D stainless. You might also want to consider the fact that Dr. D was a key in the development of the YZ450 itself. They have really good customer service too.

They're both excellent, but the FMF will be lighter and more fragile. The DRD is a rugged piece that weighs the about what the stock system does. The header is heavier, and the silencer lighter, though, so the weight is carried lower.

I can't picture how you are stuck between an exhaust that costs $500 and one that costs $1000, somehow.

if thos are my options i would be getting the dr.d..

They are both used, in great shape, and priced within a $100 of each other. I am leaning towards the DR.D for durability

i have the fmf 4.1 ti slip on and had the dr.d carbon complete and i love them both but for the price yeah u cant beat the dr.d

Id prolly go with the DRD.. but the only thing i dont like about the DRD is the header.. it sits way too low and dosent look right..but its still a great exhaust

DR. D.... I've seen a handful of local racers with streamers coming from the back. Is this something that is a common issue or is it because of the high volume of bikes with them that there is a higher likelyhood of seeing a few with packing blowing out?

The packing blows out of all of them. The DRD packing just looks different.

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