oil out of the exhaust?

my wr400 is blowing little tiny specs of oil/soot out of my exhaust.

any ideas?


it started at the end of last summer

If it really is, it should be smoking. No?

Could it be actually water from washing it?

Chunks of crud from the interior of the exhaust flaking away is most likely in the absence of any smoke. Part of that could be due to water, yes.

Carbon build up maybe coming loose? Might be something to look at.

The only thing I could see possibly giving you unburned oil coming out the pipe would be the exhaust valve guides wearing and oil running past them onto the valve, and the exhaust gasses blowing it out, however, oil is pretty sticky and one would think it would deposit on the carbon in the pipe before exiting out the back....

Check your packing like stated before.

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