Need help--shifting problem

I posted this in another forum too.

My friend has rebuilt my '97 yz250--crank bearings & top end. When he was done he went thru the gears with it on the bench & said it seemed that neutral was between 3-4 gears. He also noticed that the shift drum had left marks on the inside of the case. Not sure if the 2 are related. He may have said it was hard to shift also...I can't rember now as I started getting worried.

I did some searching here. Is the reason for nuetral being in the wrong spot due to the nuetral indention mark on the drum being in the wrong spot? Or is it worse than that?

As far as the marks, no clue.

This is my first bike in alot of years...never had one apart before. My friend is top notch at sleds & pwc's & has done some bike motors but not a ton. He said the tranny is back in the way it came out...nothing looks out of place & is pretty puzzled.

Could this all be related possibly to the shift pawls/shaft/drum alignment?

Just need a place to start looking.

Thanks for any help.

Sounds like the drum is clocked wrong (hard to believe) or the shift forks are mixed up.

Is the drum a part that can wear out & cause this or more an alignment issue?

I have a manual coming in a few days so for now it's gonna sit. I can't blame him, he's doing me a favor. Maybe we'll both learn sumfin'.

The drum has grooves that move the forks as it rotates. In theory it can wear and cause the forks to move enough to engage properly but wear wouldn't cause neutral to be in the wrong place. Wear of the pins on the forks that ride in those grooves is more likely but again, it would not cause your problem.

Where are those marks. If at the end he may have assembled it incorrectly allowing the drum to move axially. That MIGHT cause a false neutral. You can check (since the TT OEM Store doesn't support your bike) for a parts diagram while waiting for your manual.

Check your shift stoper, right behind the clutch beside the shift pawls/shaft/drum, other YZ's have issues with the bearings blowing out, new part does not have bearings - not sure if it applies to your bike, but if it does, do it now before it grenades.

Part 3XK-18140-00-00 Stopper assy for your bike....

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