84 XR250R Footpegs

I need help! I need to see a picture of how the springs go on the footpegs. I went to Honda and the springs they gave me won't work. I'm going to go try them again. I'm restoring it. The picture in the parts list is no help. I have the service manual and it does not show them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Tom

I just snapped a couple pics for you, now I have to figure out how too post them. On my 84 xr250r the springs are not under any tension until the peg is lifted (could just be worn). the smaller hook of the spring goes into the hole in the peg, the spring coil over the post on peg held on by cotter pin and the longer hook rests over mounting bar.

After your done futzing with your pegs, take a look back at my thread and tell me if the picture of my tensioner looks like it should.


Left from behind:


Left from top: note that the spring is not even touching the paint here until I lift the peg. prob loosened over the years.


Passenger side::thumbsup:


Thanks for the pictures! The springs honda gave me are the wrong ones. Time to go back to the dealer and see if they can find the right ones.

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