XR650R graphics kits...Hard to find!

I have searched the threads and old posts lead to manufacturers that no longer supply aftermarket graphics/seat covers for the Pig. Has anyone recently purchased some, and if so, where can I find them? Thank you!

I found some through the TT parts store. I really wanted to get stock type, but all I could find were Factory Effex. It takes a while paging through the Tucker Rocky catalog that it links to to find them.

go to hondaparts-direct .com for oem decals, much cheaper than bike bandit i think on most everything. also 00 - 07 should be the same so you can make a 00 look like a 07 lol

check out dennis kirk,they list graphics from FX and FMF.

Check out invisionspowersports.com

thats were i plan on ordering mine after this riding season

AMR can fix you up. Thier eBay store is probably the easiest way to find them.

Don't really like their "std" designs for the XR, but they'll do a custom, "one off" set of anything you can draw/provide/design/think up (for the right $, of course) & that's kinda cool.

I'm happy with the XR's Only kit. Its made by factory effex i think.

AMR on Ebay. Their bomber girl is so hot and looks killer on the BRP.. Made for it for sure. I have a larger tank and it still looks factory sexy.

I personally think that al bakers xr's only graphics are great looking. and well priced at that

Does anyone have a picture of the XR's Only graphics with a Clarke tank? I have the bigger tank and don't know how the graphics kit will look. Anyone with cool looking graphics that are still availabe post pictures.

I'd also like to see graphics with the Clarke 4.3 tank. I'll have my Clarke installed as soon as the smog block-off kit arrives that I ordered a few minutes ago from BD.

Luckily i was at Chaparral sale and foudn some for the R for $25 each and bought a set, i shoulda bought all 6 sets and sold here to help those out. there nice


Show us a pic!

I want a set if they rock like u say.

Thanks and have a dirty day! :busted:

I got around finally to designing some custom graphics. These were put together by Guts Racing for $159. I hope they are of highquality and worth it. The colors when printed will be a bit more realistic than what you see here.


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