Husky in the news

oddly enough "Off-Road Adventures" the 4 Wheel parts company mag.

Has a news flash with a nice photo that Husqvarna is back in the racing arena in GNCC with SCott Summers. Even the FWD guys know...the secret is out,,,we really are no longer exclusive!!!!! Enjoy the ride,,,,,I may go Ape* in the future, no wait I all ready am. Enjoy the ride


How you liking that APE? I considered them but the major thing that turned me away was the lack of a larger tank (same reason why I have yet to get an 08) since I kind of need that for desert racing. The other thing was when I looked at them and the Husky, the dealer even told me, stick with the Husky.

no man no ape here,, just joking for the next exotic choice!!

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