Klx 110 for a 9 soon to be 10 year old

Hi guys wanted to know if you all thought the 110 would be okay for my son. he's average height for his age and has good balance and strength. Also what is a fair price for and 2005 in good condition.

Thanks a ton.

It should fit him fine. I just picked up a 2006 with some extras on it for $850. They even threw in a full set of brand new take off plastic with it. The nice thing about the 110 is that as your kid gets bigger, you can make the bike bigger, and faster.

Thanks thats want I needed to hear.

The other question I forgot to ask is it fully automatic or does he need to hve clutch coordination?

Thanks again for the reply

The KLX 110 is a very good bike. Auto-Clutch 3 speed with capability of adding a 4th gear drum. Next to the CRF50 this is one of the most bullet proof bikes I ever owned. We gave it back due to title issues but wouldn't hesitate to get another in a second. You will love riding it yourself. A good bathroom runner.

This past weekend I bought an '08 KLX110 for my 8.5 year old (tall but skinny) and it fits him perfectly. He looks much more comfortable and confident on it than his previous ttr-50. I agree with Fryboy, it's a blast to ride and I bet I'll put as many hours on it as my boy!

Great info. Hopefully in the next week or so we can pick it u and get him riding. I appreciate all of your help

I have 3-KLX's I have a 2003, 2005 and a 2007. My 9 year old races his, it has a 143 race kit on it and kx-60 forks, the rest of the suspension is stock. It is perfect for him, he ran last weekend in a 65 open class and out ran the 65's. My Gfriend's son just started riding and he loves his bike, just put a pipe on it and rejetted it. My oldest son is 15 and rides one too. You can do alot to these bikes, just depends on how much you want to spend.

cool I think I have the info I need

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