Did I make a mistake when I choose to switch my YZ for a WR ??????

I think I make a big mistake when a decide to switch my YZ426 2000 for a WR426 2001. :D

I want my bike to be street legal, and put a YZ legal it's more complicate and cost a lot, the WR seem to be a better choice because it have already a good enough electrical system.

I believe the WR and the YZ is almost the same bike :D , I know the exhaust, thank and seat are not the same, but I don't know there is such a gap in power and performance. I have my WR for one year now, it's street legal, but I miss my YZ adrenaline rush when I twist the trottle, and the rev seem to be lower, Is there a rev limiter on the WR and no one in the YZ :D because I don't remember hitting it on my YZ and I'm Always on it on my WR, I hate when I pull a long wheelie and hitting the rev limiter, it's like hitting the rear brake :) .... And the ergo off the bike is different too, I'm not a pro and I already have difficulty making good sharp turn on my YZ so imagine on the WR it could only be worst :D

Is there a ways I can have at least the power of a YZ with my WR that will not cost me too much, and what is the best alternative YZ seat and tank I could find, Yamaha oem part is very expensive.

I think I made a bad move, I want to save money by choosing to pay more for a WR and save electrical cost to be street legal, and now I would have to pay again to convert it into a YZ... :D .... But I reach the bottom of my pocket.

Wich you could help me ... :D

Search the archives for how to change your exhaust cam timing to YZ specs. This will get the motor back to the YZ level you want and there is no extra cost involved.

As for the handling the seat and tank on the WR make you sit too far back and the front end will push in the corners. The only fix is to get the YZ seat and tank. If you're lucky you can find a stock YZ tank from someone that installed a large capacity tank on their YZ. The seat is expensive from Yamaha but SDG makes complete seats for the YZ than cost less than stock.

yeah, check the archives for yz cam timing, throttle stop, gray wire. Change the pipe to an aftermarket one with a header for a big gain and make sure you get it jetted correctly. No loss of power here.


Check my mods below, this might get you to where you want to go for the most part, except for the lights and stuff. You get rid of the throttle stop, airbox lid, pull grey wire, YZ time it and rejet. You will be in heaven. and best of all the mods are free :) (except for the jets) Oh, yea! Canadian model doesn't have grey wire or throttle stop.. Cool all you have to do is YZ time and jet.. Let us know how it works..


according to SFO he has dyno'd the YZ and the WR and the WR has an ignition limiter 1,000 revs lower.

but crazy ronny, you are crazy aren't you? you're not just saying it. if you really want to rev a WR to the redline then you need your brain surgically removed :) the power is LOWER on the WR.

the idea is that the WR can do thousands and thousands of road miles without a rebuild for the owners own protection.

get yourself

airbox lid off

YZ pipe (OWE)

do the cam timing change


used tank and seat from this very website


Thank you very much for your reply and your help!

I will try what you suggest me to do as soon as I will have some time to work on my bike and I will let you know the result.

If you have other suggestion that will help, dont stop telling me...

You are great guy here, Thumpertalk is the best place on the net for 4 stroke lover, keep the good work....


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