Converting 610 TE to SM - aarghhh!!!

Wow, this is a project that will never seem to end. At each step I encounter yet another situation where the TE and SM have different components.

I started this project with a set of SM wheels, front rotor and rear sprocket. The SM rear sprocket is smaller than the TE, so I just ended up using the TE sprocket to keep the current chain. Everything seems to be working on the back end.

The front end is another story. I bought a relocation bracket for the front caliper, however, the SM caliper is different - so I found a SM caliper on eBay. This of course required a different brake line - also found on eBay. Now I find out the master cylinders are set up differently for the SM and TE, so I either need to figure out how to make the TE line work, custom make a new front brake line or get the SM master cylinder - which really defeats the purpose of having a set up in which I can quickly switch from TE to SM.

Anyone else go through this process and if so - can you give me any advise. This whole set-up is getting close to going into the classifieds, as it ain't turning out as expected.

Keep the TE stock, buy a used SM, sell those parts back on ebay. You're already down a slippery painful path....

I'm doing it the other way SM to TE...the problem is the SM tripple clamps are wider (and have more offset). If you want to use the SM caliper you must use the SM tripple clamps.

Maybe we should swap bikes!

Great - yet another thing I need to consider. I wish I would have done a little more homework on this swap. I made the fatal assumption that it would be a more direct exchange of parts.

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