new rmz engine problem

i was riding my new 07 rmz450 today and as i lined up for a

hillclimb i popped it into neutral and over reved it and the engine

made a terrible noise almost as if something broke in the transmision, so i rode home and it still performed fine but i think i can hear something weaird from the engine or tranny, im not sure what the problem is. does anyone have any insight on this matter ?

did you have any metal in the oil or strainer giving indication of something gone bad. I would pull it apart just to be safe.

Is it possible the noise was the chain whacking against the swinging arm slider?

A sudden over rev like this is a very bad thing. At the minimum you need to pull the valve cover.

It doesn't seem likely that you would have hurt the transmission, but you could be very close to dropping a valve.

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