Clay's contact needed & 200 big bore kit info?

Wanted to get some info on a big bore kit. Can't remember Clay's info to contact him. I know he is not with Munn anymore. Could use some help on contacting him, and/or any other pertinent info on a big bore kit for the little 200.


why doesn't someone make an 08 tank and shroud that will fit the earlier gen bikes? man I would like to have a slightly wider tank on the steep descents. Not a serious question, just :thumbsup::ride:

So the info here isn't current anymore?

So the info here isn't current anymore?

FC, I don't know for sure. I talked to someone at Munn awhile back and that said Clay wasn't with them anymore. I am going to call Munn to verify and see if they have his #.

thanks for the link, that's what I couldn't remember...cmmachine.:thumbsup:

edit: just talked to Dan, he said Clay is still with them. I know good and well I talked to someone there a month or two ago that said he wasn't there...whatever.

thanks again for the link.

Now, is there a big bore kit for the 200, or not??

I'm not totally sure. I don't think it's a common mod. What are you looking for? I've read that most additional power people are looking to get out of a 200 can be done via porting.

Just for another option, Jbone does a lot of 200s also.

I've heard both his and Clay's work is outstanding, so I'm not trying to talk you out of Clay. When my engine needs some love, it will be a hard choice between the two.

its been done before, but it isnt a wide spread practice. As FC said port, stuff cases/crank and it is a fire breather. Dont try n make it a 250, just buy one if you think you need more CC's.

Hey Gmoss, Ill be at brushy this sat, you can ride mine, I have had it ported and the head cut all from clay, its really nice, I would like to see what you think. I do want to have the case and crank stuffed, and a bigbore kit keep me posted if you find one. Andrews motorsports over in concord has a very good rep for engine work.

Im really just affraid to let someone split my case for the stuffing. maybe we can finally meet sat.

i thought you couldnt bore out a 200?

I think you *can*, it's just not a very good idea. I am not sure you can go very far before getting into water jackets and such. I have heard they are fragile for some reason.

I think you *can*, it's just not a very good idea. I am not sure you can go very far before getting into water jackets and such. I have heard they are fragile for some reason.

the reason might be that they are already pretty much a bored-out 125 motor. there's a reason 250 motors are bigger and heavier than 125-200 motors.

If you compare bore and stroke from the 125 to the 200 it is pretty maxed out. I think you could push the stroke a little further and get the bore a little bigger- I'm guessing around 215cc.I think it will rev poorly and have poor topend. I am going to get my head cut and do the porting thing. I like the bikes power,but it needs more oomph. I am around 205lbs and when I am going, it is either revving to the moon and when I shift it will fall of the pipe. I am beating the crap out of my clutch- second clutch and now my plunger on the master cylinder is leaking(too much abuse I guess). I think the bike makes about 38hp.I see no eason why it cant make 42-43 with a wider spread. The power is very liear compared to previous 2strokes I've owned,I wish it pulled more on mid-top. Bottom end-not sure

ac, what is your model and final gearing?

ac, what is your model and final gearing?

I got a 08 200xc-everything is stock motorwise-jetting,plug,you name it.

Went with all steel friction plates in clutch and definitely doesn't spin up as fast.Only notice it on motcross tracks. I am using pump gas with 36:1 klotz techniplate.It doesnt spooge,miss, or bog-well, I gotta ring the snot out of it and then when I shift it falls flat... then I clutch the hell out of to keep it revving. I was tryin to clear this +- 50' tabletop today and this shorter one right after a turn and I had to downshift and clutch it to get it to go. I was in 3rd and needed 4th gear to clear some of the jumps. The thing is 2nd tops out and has great power,but its short lived. I think your thinking gearing-as am I, but I think it is signing off too early. If I could fin a 125sx cdi for a good price I'd get it. The thing about porting is, I have had it done beforewith high expectations, just to not lke it or be like-um wheres the "new" power. I am new to the 200xc game-I got about 15hrs on it so far...probably less. I will mess with the jetting and change gearing. I think the 200xc should be able to outpower a 250f or m I wrong?

well iI weigh 215-220, mine rips, no need to clutch it like that. Been on it with same clutch for 2 yrs now. I think you need to get after the PV adjustment, jetting and gearing. It does have more power than a 250f, but it is harder to hook up than a 4st.

I agree Mike- I just got back from a ride. Monday morning I am going to mess with the jetting and the PV setting- I think I need it to open up sooner. The jetting, I am going to try lowering the needle (up 1-2 on the clip) to clean up the bottom end. I also got the fmf/ktm pipe,but haven't tried it yet. Should be fun.

Your not going to get there with the stock needle. Search around. Something like a ddk or ddj will be very close. Carb parts has them for $9. With correct jetting and squish, mine rips. It doesn't give up much to a 250. If it's a big, open, outdoor track, well, a 200 ain't gonna get it.

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