DCR Tail Light on DR650

Has anyone had any experience with the DRC Tail lights? I want to get rid of the ugly plate holder on my '07 DR650. Anyone use the Edge 2 Tail Light Holder kit universal? What about the Edge 2 Tail Light Holder kit aluminum? I really like this one and it fits the DRZ400 so do you think it will be hard to mount it to my 650?


The DRZ400 and the DR650 fender are completely different, have you looked at them? If you go with a DRZ style light that sits under the rear fender you will still have a hole from where your brake light was.

Get the DR250 (I think) light from Kientech, its much smaller and fits the DR650 fender like it was made for it - in fact it's mounted stock in Australia and Europe. Then remove the stock undertail fender and fabricate a license plate bracket out of metal strips. Put in lighted bolts or a small plate light (even the stock one should work) and you are done. Looks a ton better, is lighter and you are still legal.

Lots of posts with pictures here and on Advrider if you do a search.



You can make your own:



thanks for the info

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