Portland OR MX?

I am planning a trip back to my home town of Hillsboro soon and would like to know of any local forums I could look up before I head up there. I have done several searches and cant seem to find a Portland area site.:thumbsup:

I live in Hillsboro, we have a thread in this forum called "looking for poeple to ride with in the Portland area" We are all here on the West side :thumbsup:

Thanks. I just got done reading that thread. Are there rentals available in any of the riding areas from Portland to Tillamook. Im going to be staying in Hillsboro and due to gas prices I probably wont get much more southern than hopefully Salem. One more ?. What is the used market on a pretty macked out crf250r?

to buy or rent? I know there are some places who rent bikes, but they rent out the crappy bikes, theie "fastest" bike would probly be a crf 230f :ride:

to buy, probly the best place to look would be craigslist for portland and just type in crf 250 :thumbsup:

Thanks. I just got done reading that thread.

I hope you didnt read the whole thread :ride: lots of mindless crap in there :thumbsup:

Is there a local website that I can check out simular to TT?

Not that I know of man. A couple of the local sites like OMRA's site, Over the Bars Gang's site, etc...will have some event information but the NW forum right here on TT is a good bet:thumbsup:

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