KX250 tank on KX500..which one?

Hi all,

I've read several times that someone installed a KX250 tank and liked both the looks and ergo's of it....I need to know if there were any frame mods for

attaching the tank involved. My KX500 is a '00.....


Sam in IN

Check out Kxriders.com

The tank referenced, probably, was the 89 KX 250 tank, it is smaller and does look abit better, not sure it's worth the cost though. The newer 250's are all perimeter framed, so they obviously won't fit.

An 89 KX250 tank is a direct drop on. It's not as tall so it makes sliding up easier. You loose some capacity though. The 500 tank is either 2.9 or 2.6 gallons, i forget, and the 89 KX250 tank is 2.3 gallons. Any 250 post 90 has the perimeter frame and could make mounting a pain. Plus Finding radiator shrouds to work would be hard as well. Check over at KXriders though. If it can be done to a 500 someone's done it there.

They might be talking about the zipty kit which uses 99-02 250 shrouds.

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