Knee brace question

I was thinking of purchasing a new set of knee braces but I have some questions. First I will tell you a little about my situation:

I currently have a generation 2 brace on my right leg. I have a torn ACL on that knee.(which I have been living with for over 10 yrs)

I have torn cartilage on my left knee (new injury) that I am waiting to get cleaned up. I currently just wear a knee guard on that knee.

I want a set of matching knee braces that will protect my ACL problem as well as protect my other knee from further damage.

My options could be to spring for another generation 2 ($1200) or go to a different style of brace for both knees.

Any suggestions??

have Dr Mark fix your knees, then throw the brace away.:thumbsup:

insurance will often help out with the CTI OTS which is their top of the line brace besides the one that is custom molded to your leg. They run at I think $688 a leg but I got 90% of my left one covered. Nice brace I wear mine around all t he time cause I just had knee surgery and can never tell I'm wearing it.

check out the pod mx braces, they have some very nice features.

they are imported from australia by fox usa.

the most interesting feature to me is the pattella guard. it does not sit on your body with a cushion, like most other braces and guards. it rides on the brace frame. if you were to have an impact on the patella guard, the impact is dispersed through the entire frame of the brace.

also it is very adjustable for extension, with 3 different extension stops to prevent hyper extension. also has a unique hinge mechanizm. utilizing a polymere "tendon" that mimicks the exact movement of the knee it protects.

i know doctor mark doesnt recomend braces but, for me knowing we need patella impact protection, these units do that and more. yes they are expensive for "knee guards" but for braces and impact protection, i believe it to be money well spent.

i've bought a set of these for testing, and will be riding soon with them. i am 5 weeks out from acl, pcl, lcl, meniscus, and posterior capsule corner repairs. had extensive work, i am in rehab and in the gym right now. hoping to be on the bike for asphalt training soon. i race supermoto, so i can avoid the dirt while the knee heals, and still get some conditioning and seat time on the asphalt being as careful as i can.

been in PT for 3 weeks, i have 120 degrees of flexion and -5 degrees hyper extension at this time. doing very well on my rehab. just gotta keep the pain under control and not do anything stupid to hurt what has been fixed. ski

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