WR360 Two Much?

I’ve been lurking here for some time (since an around-the-block ride on a ‘99 WR125), not knowing if Husky was going to stay in the USA or not; and now it looks like they are committed, especially with BMW now behind them – good news for us.

In considering their off-road models (I prefer the previous body-style due to my size), the 125 is intriguing due to light weight, though with the desert and high mountains I ride, it may leave me wanting for power; the 250 certainly has the right amount of power, though a close-ratio trans is not my flavor, so it’s out; the 360: seemingly buckets of power to spare, yet is there too much pull for a 5’-9”, 155lb, super senior? I have confidence in my throttle control – don’t need the adjustable-cam throttle tubes, but I don’t want my next bike to tire me out with tugging like the Gas Gas 300s/big-bore KTMs four strokes I test rode. The 360 is rare as are most Huskys in the Southwest, so a test ride is out of the question..

What are your thoughts, especially from those who have ridden/owned both a 125 and a 360?

Mods: sorry; I believe this is Husky specific.

Oh Wally!!!!!! Chime in here. OFG

I might be of some assistance.

I own a '01 WR360 and an '07 WR250. I have previously owned an '04 EC300 Gas Gas.

The 360 is a great recreational bike (this is why I can't bring myself to sell it). The 250 has a fantastic engine but I wish it had a 6 speed even though I wouldn't use it for 95% of my riding. If the 250 had the 6 speed I would probably sell the 360.

I have raced my WR360 but feel that the WR250 is a better race bike because of the fatigue factor eluded to by the original post.

I do not think a Gas Gas 300 is a tiring bike to ride. It is smoother than either Husky. I sold my Gasser because I got a great offer by someone who wanted it allowing me to jump to a new bike for a small sum extra. I find the Huskies are more fun to ride but I'm probably slower in a hare scramble than on the Gasser. Gas Gas bikes are just so smooth.

IMHO if you think a Gas Gas 300 is tiring to ride then I don't think you will enjoy a WR360.

I would consider an '09 TE310 or if it is more than internet rumour an '09WR300 Husky. (I know I'm intrigued)

Regarding the seat height, I'm shorter than you and feel more comfortable on the earlier shorter seat height bikes (I in fact swapped engines between my bikes for this reason), but I can't really think of an instance while riding where I found the seat height of the '07 to be an obstacle. I've ridden the same nasty trails on both frames without feeling a significant difference.


I love my WR360, and certainly think it is the cats meow in the desert or sand type situations. But if fatigue from having gobs and gobs of constant torque on hand are a concern to you then it probably isn't the bike for you. I also have an 06 WR250 and also think that I am probably faster and less tired riding it, especially in the really tight crap that is filled with rocks and downfall. The ability to ride below the hit and have no fear of grabbing to much throtle at the wrong time is less tiring. That said with a 360 it is really easy to get lazy and just keep it 2 gears higher and dare it to stall(not possible). Just remember that the 360 is a big bore and if you dial it in you need to have it pointed in the right direction no matter the gear or speed.

My oppinion is to wait for the WR300 in 09 IF it comes with a 6 speed or true WR 5 speed, or you could do like OFG did and install the 6 speed in a current WR250 and have the best of both worlds.

I am 5' 8 or 9" depending on daily variable spine tilt and I don't have any issue with the current seat height. I changed my 06 to the old style tank and plastic because I like the narrower feel and increased tank size without the "bulge" or width of the new style tanks.


Thanks guys.

Yes, the GG 300s tugged too much for my liking, compared to my former RMX, which at first seemed odd as I was under the impression they'd (GG) be smooth, and they are; it's just there's a relative bulge of fat, thick torque down low that doesn't fit my style. Others seem to cope/exploit it; either I couldn't use it properly or adapt and therefore it worked against me in tight areas with rocks & mud. And both dual-stage ignition settings were not obvious either. I must be getting too old, or don't have a feel for that. Bye 360!

I guess we all look for certain characteristics in a bike and this performance delivery was not for me, so many thanks for pointing out the 360 would not be favorable; ya know: it should have been obvious but new bike blues can make one blind!

I did like the GG full Ohlins setup - best yet!

Mostly I miss the slimness, lighter weight, better suspension and mid-RPM snap of my former Suzuki so the WR250 should be closer. And if I had to get a newer one (doubtful) then I'd convert to the older plastic for sure, though I could use and desire a true WR trans found in the '00 or '01 as a 6-speed trans for the conversion would be difficult to find.

I've done a whole lot to my KTM RFS (351cc kit, conventional forks, RevLoc, LHRB, etc.) to make it do better every where, though it still has some of that what I find odd KTM-handling/feel, moreover is not as thrilling (scarry) a ride as a lighter smoker would be. Maybe I should keep it and get a Husky as a second bike, either the 250 or a 125.

Thanks again for bearing with me while I ramble out loud.

Wally will have a true wide ratio 5-speed just laying under his bench. Just as soon as he gets the gumption to put his other six speed in. OFG

You might want to consider the Gssgas 200 also. It has very smooth power and will not tire a person out like a 300 but still has more down low then the 125. They also fit somone under 6' better. They can be found real chep which is a plus. The only thing I don't like about them is they are heavy.

Conside the WR125 also. I am 200 pounds and it has all the power I need in really steep terrain.

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