Thinking of buying a 2007 ktm 250 xcf

I found one close to me that has only 5 rides on it for $4995.

I just want to verify the 2007 250 xcf is green sticker legal. I know the 2008 xcf is a red sticker bike, but the xcf-w is a green sticker bike. I've searched on the web and I'm pretty sure the 2007 250 xcf is a green sticker bike, but I just want to make sure.

I want the bike for single track. I orginally wanted the "w" version because of the wide ratio gear box and softer suspension. Anybody have the xcf and use it for single track? Does it work well for that?

I'm more of an aggressive trail rider, I stand up and charge most of the time rather than sit and put on the trails. I have a yz400 right now and it's a great bike, but I want something that is a little more nimble in the single track. I'm use to it's suspension, will the 250 xcf be more stiff than that?



I have an '07 xcf and it is amazing for single track! Up here in WA, our single track is pretty technical with lots of roots and rocks and elevation change and it does amazing! By far, this is the best trail bike I have ever owned! I just have stock suspension valving with lighter springs for my weight and love it! The bike handles really well in the rocks and roots at slow and high speeds. I am an average B level racer (enduros, harescrambles and a little bit of desert) and ride fairly aggressive as well. I'm not sure how the suspension would compare to your YZ450 as I have never ridden that bike, but I do know that it sucks up the bumps nicely and handles good. The bike has excellent bottom end for a 250f and it loves to be in the mid to upper RPMs where it really sings. I also corners amazingly well, better than any bike I've ever ridden. It is the easiest bike I have ridden as well in all sort of different situations (climbing, cornering, tight twisties, open desert, you name it.) As for the sticker requirements, I can't answer that part of your question because I live in WA. I don't know too many people who have ridden this bike and have not liked it. I don't think it would be a bad decision.

The 07 XCF isn't green sticker legal.

Do you know this for certain, or are you just assuming because the 2008 is red sticker, the 2007 is?

I know the 2008 ktm 250 xcf isn't, but I called my local dealer and he said it was. Again, only 2007, not the 2008. But, dealers aren't exactly the best source of information some times. I've searched on the web and found people who said it was green sticker legal. Again, it's only the 2007 model xcf.

The bike currently does have a green sticker, I just want to make sure it wasn't a mistake by the DMV. I don't want to buy it and then end up with a red sticker when it is time to pay registration again.

I stand corrected. Just did a search and everything I saw was that it is green sticker.

I thought I had read it wasn't.:thumbsup:

Cool, thanks for confirming that!

07 xcf - green sticker - 08 - red sticker

I had an 07 250xcf for a few months. It is a great handling and nimble bike with decent suspension.


It aint no 400 or 450! How big and heavy are you? You might like it and you may not. It has six speeds but they are very close ratio because its a 250 eh. More than a couple of "big" guys didnt like it but a lot of them did, you wont know till you try.

I liked more power and torque myself.

Basically all I ride is single track. I came off a 03 450, the 250 xcf needed a little more poop, so I went with the HT-racing 315 and I really like the bike. I had the suspension re-done because I felt it deflected too much off trail junk and was sprung a little light in the rear for me. The gear ratio is tight, but it just makes it more fun to ride hard and not just be lazy.


I wiegh about 175-180 without gear.

I plan on doing a BB kit in time. I love my yz400, but I want to have a bike that can handle tight single track. I'm not getting rid of my yz400, it's set up for trails with a rekluse and protection. It's a great bike and is part of the family.

I rode a CRF250X and was really impressed with how it handled. It's not the fastest bike, but it hauls on single track. I think that bike would be perfect with a 270 bb kit, but I just don't trust the valves.

I rode a CRF450X and thought it was way to heavy for the type of riding I like to do. It's nice, but I think I could ride a 250 a lot faster. I also rode an 06 WR450 and felt it was a little girthy also. To be honest, my yz400 felt way more nimble than those bikes. The 250x felt like a mountain bike because it was so flickable.

My local riding area just opened up 20+ miles of killer 2nd to 3rd gear single track (amazing in this day of land closures) that makes me itch for a light good handling 250.

I rode a CRF250X and was really impressed with how it handled. It's not the fastest bike, but it hauls on single track. I think that bike would be perfect with a 270 bb kit, but I just don't trust the valves.

The 250x felt like a mountain bike because it was so flickable.

My local riding area just opened up 20+ miles of killer 2nd to 3rd gear single track (amazing in this day of land closures) that makes me itch for a light good handling 250.

I had a crf250x and it handled well too. Lots of power once you do the right mods, but in 2 years I dumped way too much time and money into that bike with topends and valves.

If you think the 250x is flickable, wait until you try a KTM. They are dead reliable also. If you can find a nice xcfw, have it sprung for your weight, you'll be golden. The xcf will be good for you too, but sounds like you need a green sticker. Too bad you didn't live closer, I'll be selling my 07 W in a couple weeks and it's street legal. :thumbsup:

I have a 2007 250XCF which I will be selling soon and it has a green sticker.

Where are you located?

I live in Orange County. The bike is at our place in Havasu, I will be bringing it back to CA in the next week or two. Where are you located ?

Norhtern California

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