Street Legal 250x

So Im in the market for a new bike after riding my KX125 forever. I'm ready to get off the track and start riding trails. I live about 10 miles from my riding area, and work as well. I was going to get an XR400 but since everyone thinks there 99 is worth 3K, I'm now leaning towards a 2008 250x. Anyone have experience riding short distances on the road? 50 mph, 10 miles each way, how do you think the 250x would handle this? Once I get to the trail, I think the 250x will be perfect, Im just worried about the rides to the trail and occasionally to work. Should I go with the 250x or not?

Thanks for any input

I have a 2007 250x that i got a few days ago, and I remember reading on the forum that more than 10,000 miles shouldnt be expected from this high performance engine. If your going to ride trails have you considered a 230f? I took my fathers around the block about 5min ago and god I am jelous of the comfort. If you must use the 250x, however, here are some things to consider.

-Limit riding to transportation to and from the trails to keep the miles low.

-Consider a steering damper and new tires for highway use, mine sure is fun on the road I live on but the nobbies take a beating and it gets some speed wobble at near highway speeds.

-You will probably need at least a horn and mirrors added to the bike, maybe signals and passenger pegs depending on your state.

-This engine doesnt like to idle long. The radiator doesnt have a fan, so if you will be in traffic you would be better off purchasing a radiator fan.

edit: come to think of it, honda actually makes a street legal version of the 230f, called the 230l. I know you probably don't want the lower power of a 230 but I will tell you, they are plenty fun, decently fast, and extremely comfortable

I tagged my -X and do exactly what you are suggesting, just ride on the road to get to the trailhead. For me it is no problem. A few times, I have ridden up to 25 miles at 50-60mph, and that was no problem either. That is not real good for the knobbies though.

I have a plated x to trail hop from roads and explore other areas via road. I also just did an event with it and did around 40 mils of road. The bike has no problem with the road as long as your butt can take the seat. If you are a light person you should be ok. As long as you are ok getting around 1k from a set of tires and only getting 10k on the engine! Man if I got 10k from an engine trail riding boy oh boy that is allot of trail.

Get the X because when you hit the trail, and do some power mods the smile of you face will make you say " wow I am glad I went with the trail bike"

Change the oil often.

ive been looking at a street legal x they sell here in Japan. there's also that new wr250r.

yes, but the wr250r does not have the same engine as the f. It only has 2 valves and makes a bit less power.

yes, but the wr250r does not have the same engine as the f. It only has 2 valves and makes a bit less power.

The WR's only have two valves? or just the 250 version?

The new street legal fuel inj 250 WR-R has a 4 valve motor vs. the old 5 valve that the WRF still uses. The R is detuned for the street duty, and quite heavy for a 250.

O ya you are right it is 4, my mistake.

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