running costs on older kdx

Hi guys,can you give me some personal experiences with riding a 99ish-2003ish kdx 200. I'm wanting to buy in that price bracket,but am also waying up the costs of having to rebuild/repair major things.I am mechanically very qualified but also dont want to be repairing every 2nd month(wear and tear items that are now 5-8 years old)then I might as well buy one that is new or 1 year old.

I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to find out.

txs for any advice

You would be hard pressed to find a more reliable bike than a KDX, 2stroke or 4 stroke. It all depends on the condition of the bikes you look at and end up buying. Worse case scenario would be complete engine rebuild which would be around $600, and all new bearings which is around $200. But that bike would be a basket case and the sale price should reflect it. That's easy to avoid. You may find a bike with low hours and well taken care of that you might not have to put anything into.

The thing is if you own a bike long enough you're going to pay for those things regardless it's up to you whether you want to do it sooner rather than later. And with a bike like the KDX which saw very little changes over the years find the one in the best condition and go with it.

txs SR ,I was kinda thinking along those lines but think I needed someone to agree with my thoughts.I always end up doing my "homework" very well before buying bikes.

Surely there are more guys with older bikes that can give me feedback!!!!

Go for condition over age. In the USA, the 1995 - 2006 models are very similar. The warning signs on a used KDX are similar to any other used dirt bike. Check the linkage, swingarm, wheel bearings, chain wear, air filter, etc. If you see oddball fasteners and a few pieces missing, that is a bad sig of usual lax maintenance.

I bought a '97 this past December, my second KDX. It was from the original owner and had been used just enough to go through the stock stuff (brakes, tires, chain/sprockets, etc.) . I put a new Weisco piston, new brakes, wheel bearings, reeds, tires, chain/sprockets, and a few various OEM parts and spent around $400.

I also did a ton of research looking for a dependable, low maintenance bike that can still be competitve for a beginner to intermediate rider. You cant go wrong the the KDX. I owned 2 KTM's as well, and they are very nice bikes, but the KDX wins out in the low maintenance category. Plus, green is way better looking than orange.

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