More 1995 XR650L questions for another noob

Ok, so i successfully rejetted my carb, got my uni filter on there, installed my slip on supertrapp ids2, and now i have a whole bunch of questions.

1) I ordered my jets and my filter before I sucked it up and order the slip on. my jets are a 55 pilot and 158 main jet, the bike runs fine with the side panel on and i have not de snorkled it for the reason that when I ran it without the side panel on it didn't run too good, kinda skipped and i'm guessing it was too lean of a mixture, what size jets do i need to order to make this thing do all it will do with my slip on pipe, filter, desnorkeled air box, and i also plan on grinding the header welds if that really helps.(i live in the north ga mtns(1000 feet to 2700 feet, just get me in the close small ball park!) also with my super trapp pipe it has the disc system, is this a joke or do these littlee dinky disc really help this thing? right now i don't have any of the disc in it, what should i do? also will it hurt my bike to run it before i rejet it? i don't think its lean with the side panel on and all, it doesn't hesitate and rev's nicely a decent amount more power nothing drastic though, but then again i didn't think it was lacking to start with to be honest!

2) next i noticed an oil leak on my bike, it seems to be coming out right below the shifter, i can't really tell where it's coming from because i changed the oil and its very clear now... lol. but the seal around the shifter looks very dry on the bottom i don't remember what the top looked like, this may be too bold of a question to ask on here. but where are the main places or most suspicsious places to look?

3)also how to i get that friggin spark plug out of there? i tried a knuckle joint on a socket but do i have to take something apart? lol it's bad i'm having to ask that! i really appreciate all the help and being able to stay out of the local shops with people trying to sell me everything!:thumbsup:

all this typing and dirt bike talk making me get the urge to get up and go ride! be back later!

Me thinks that at yer altitude I would run a Dynojet 165 main (my preference), 55 pilot and 2 turns out on the air fuel screw. Oil Leak could be just a loose fastener on the side cover or a leaking gasket. Dump the smog junk with an IMS block off kit, as it pumps more air back into your combustion chamber - makes it leaner. I did not grind my header welds on my 05 and did on the 93, the 93 does run stronger, and I don't know why, albiet the 05 is running stock sprokets and the 93 has 14 / 48.

your talking ordering Keihin jets right?

for your leak you need to clean it up well and ride a bit on the street and see where its coming from, we really cant tell you where its leaking from your just gonna have to follow the earl trail. LOL

ok well i found the leak it was where i put that new air filter on and i oiled it a little too good... my own fault... hah but i do have the smog block off kit and i am ordering the 165 main jet right now!!! thanks!!!!

ok well i found the leak it was where i put that new air filter on and i oiled it a little too good... my own fault... hah but i do have the smog block off kit and i am ordering the 165 main jet(yes the Keihin jets or generic ones from )right now!!! thanks!!!!

165 keihin jet will be WAY TOO RICH, most 165 mains you hear are from the DJ kit and there not the same size, you need a 158 prolly best if your using a Keihing Large Round main


ok so no 165, what about after I de snorkel it? would the 160 or 162 be good from Thanks for all the input!! and whats the trick to getting the spark plug out of that black hole on top of the engine?!? thanks!

with a stock engine 160 would be a max and prolly only winter time when air temps are cool, warmer summer time needs a bit leaner so 158 would be my max for that.

I did a lot of thread searching before I did my Daves mod. 158 seems to be the norm for stock exhaust and 160 (keihin) for performance exhaust and assuming snorkel pulled and uni. With that said I found some riders below 4000' said with the 160 they had to drill the side panel to let in enough air. So what Denn says makes good sense run your 158 and do a plug check. Maybe that will work fine. I know it seems to run ok with the end baffle out of stock and I am at sea level too 3000'.

With that said I was about to do a plug wrench thread. I don't have an 18 mm that will get on that plug. I think I will keep and eye on your thread see what turns up. I remember seeing somewhere a vendor has one specifically for 650L and Snap-on had one that works. But apparently 07 and beyond (maybe before that) quit coming with a tool kit with a plug wrench.

I'm the same way--the more I do the more questions I have. I just wish I had the internet and all these helpful guys back when I had my XL500 and my MX bike. :thumbsup:

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