Big Lights on a 125

I have a CR 125 and want to put a hid headlight set up on it .We have a desert night race program this summer.

Baja Dezine says i need 100 watts to run a light and they offer nothing to help me get that.How much does a WR put out ?Anyone out there know of a set up?I did see a guy racing his WR 250 last summer with a set up so there has to be something out there.Do not want to race my 510 when the 125 is so much more fun

I beilieve the stock WR is 130.

I think billf has posted before that he can rewind the CR for more juice.

The complete WR ignition can be added to a CR for about $400. It works really good for the woods. If you just need the power though there must be cheaper options.

You can run a 35watt hid off of trail tech's Li-Ion helmet battery packs. I put 2 Li-Ion batteries in the airbox of my 07 450sfx for the 24 hours of Starvation Ridge. 2 batteries should run a 35 watt hid for 3+ hours continuous, no charging. I ran a 55wat HID for max light, about 2 hours run time.

Check the 4th post on this link. The guy states that he runs a 60W halogen desert style, on his 06 WR 125 without issues. Don't know if this would be enough for you or not, but at least gives you some real world perspective.

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