Memorial Day Weekend Amazing Weather

As you can see this weekend has the makings of turning out to be EPIC in the California High Desert. My gang has always made it the last weekend of riding. Brave the heat by riding early. Getting a spot in the shade to drink beer in the afternoon, then go inside turn on the AC watch a movie, get in a little nap before getting up and starting dinner just to have the sun go down and cool things off for a nice evening.

Now if you haven't checked the weather you should. Highs in the 70s this time of year......Oh my goodness. On top of that so many people stay home anyway, add to that the guys who cant afford the gas, this has the makings of one of the best weekends of the year. So if you like I are going out to play in the dirt we will see you there. But if your wife made you stay home since its too hot and gas in $4.00 a gal I just hope she doesn’t go to the Mall and spend all that money she didn’t want you to spend on gas. DR

As soon as my wife says I can't go riding because of gas prices...I'll be calling a lawyer

You know, I had figured on avoiding the desert over the MD weekend due to crowds. But I'm wondering if the cost of gas is keeping people at home? :thumbsup:

Its already happening. We were out at Moose Anderson days last month. Rode from the white pipe to Kelso valley back over to the edge of Dove springs and back...close to 45 miles and did not see one other rider. Few people camping to. Gas up the Rig and go!

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