Dr650 Neutral Light Still On ???????????????

Sensor attachment screws in clutch case tight.Indicator light remains on when in gear with kick stand up weather its running or not? goes off when in gear with kick stand down? Checked kick stand sensor, diod, relay, clutch handle sensor, etc, ANY IDEAS? All the best, NHDUELSPORTER:excuseme:

Sure you got the wires hooked up right? It sounds like the kickstand switch is hooked to the "N" indicator

Why did you start a new thread on this? You'll get a more focused and accurate response if you keep all the pertinent info in the same thread.


From the wiring diagram - looks like the neutral switch or diode assembly (or both) could be faulty. Have you verified that the continuity between the neutral switch wire and ground changes when the bike is in neutral and in gear?

Did you check the diode pack under load?

If the diode pack is bad then the neutral light can get to ground through the kick stand circuit, when the kickstand is up. When the kickstand is down the only path to ground for the neutral light is through the diode pack and neutral switch. Given that the light switched on/off based on postion of kick stand I would think that the kick stand switch is OK.

ur bike is messed dude!

I think the switch is jammed with punctuation.


I haven't looked at the wiring diagram, but if the neutral switch just gives the circuit ground, then the wire from it is grounded somewhere in the harness, or the switch itself is bad.

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