1 1/8 bars

do you have to get different bar mounts to have these?

Yes, the bars are wider and will need different mounts. I went with the TAG ones for my sons bike.

Renthal CL001's for me. I used the stock cones.

Yes you need the 1 1/8 bar mounts for the oversize 1 1/8 bars.

I have the pro taper Contour windham bend on my bike, I really like them. I would go with the EVO's though, they are one gen newer than the contours. Dealer screwed up and got me the wrong ones when I was ordering, right bend though.

I've been looking at getting some of the EVO's, found a kit on ebay with all pro taper all you need, mounts, grips, glue, for $125 shipped. Any suggestions on how to know what bend to go for?? Searched around but haven't found much of anything. thanks!

I like the Windham bend. Thats what I got on my bike :thumbsup:

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