front fork seals

I have an 07 kx450f and it seems when I am done riding the front forks seam alittle oily. It it becouse I have a seal leak, or my heavy weight pushes to hard on them. I changed out the rear shock spring but left the front ones alone. I have abused the forks alittle in TN. rock climbs but not sure. Is there an easy way to find if there a leak. May a puddle or something, cause it isn't puddling, just residue on the forks. :thumbsup: Thanks

It is possible that you have knicks in your fork tubes and/or you have dirt inbetween the seal lips. This happens alot with OEM seals.

Drop your dust wiper and use a film negative to swipe inside the seal and then pull it out while you work around the seal.



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