EMP or Red JD --- Needle needed

I've just moved to a new location and looking for a EMP needle if anyone has an extra laying around. I was able to get jets at the local shop but no luck with the needle. Any help would be appreciated.

I also been informed a Red JD needle would work as well. Let me know or PM me if available.

I've been trying to buy from Sudco but don't think thats possible. Really would like to not spend $75 just for the needle.

ok... i was able to get ahold of Sudco finally but needle is $8.55 but they have a minimum order of $25.

Anyone have a better recommendation?

p.m to Eddie ?

EMP and JD red are not the same.

either will work but requier different jetting.

Also, try carb parts warehouse. No minimum, delivered is about 17 smackers.

William1... I just pm'd Eddie but don't know if thats the best solution. Will take a look on Carbs Part Warehouse to find out the skinny.

Eddie might be able to help, but it is better to contact the guys at CPW. Not much on the web site, but a phone call works.

William1... just tried to call but they are closed for the day so will have to wait till tomorrow. Did some searching on their website. I might not be able to read their diagrams correctly but didn't see the EMP needle listed... but I will definitely call tomorrow to find out for certain.

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