Best place by a cylinder head for a 07

To cut a long story short, my current 07 head is usable thanks to the great shop down my road but they are unsure how long it will last as they had to fill in a small gap with liquid metal.

so im wondering where can i get 07 head from, no valves or anything else, just the head and the retainers. i know ebay is probably my best option but all i see is complete used heads, and half the time i find those sellers wont ship to me here in the :bonk::ride::thumbsup:

so if anyone knows where i can get cheapish replacement head from then great:thumbsup: , as here in the uk they are £495 $980 and i see them listed at $333 on one usa honda site but again wont ship to me



dont they have shops over there where you can get oem stuff???

iam sure i have heard of people over here in the UK say they have orderd from Thumpertalk... If your getting a new head you might as well get the 08 setup

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