How to remove cylinder head.

I am going to remove the cylinder head from my 2008 crf150expert to see if the valve seats are ok after 35 hours. Is there any thing I should watch out for in dismantling? Thanks all!

just make sure that you do not drop cam chain down into the crank case.

also make sure you dont drop the valve shims in the crank case.

other than that easy job.

Just my 2c worth: keep a bit of tension on the cam chain as it can come off the drive gear in the crank case... Don't ask me how I know this.

Even if you do drop the things into the can retrieve them easy enough with a magnet.....

Do yourself a favor and buy a Honda Shop Manual before you dive into your engine.

Sup CamP

One trick for newbies is to lift the head gasket and front chain gain up to remove the head or head will seem kind of stuck.

Sup CamP

Just getting prepped to ride tomorrow. :thumbsup:

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