KLX140L Valves

Does anyone know where I could find the procedure to check and adjust the valves on the KLX140? I am at that point of checking the valves and changing the oil.

Also what are some good cheap mod to improve the performance of these machines? My son loves this bike and really rips on it.

Thanks for the help.


They can be found in the service manual. It's the first thing I get when a get a "new" bike. The clearances should be in your owners manual, no?

If I was buying new from the dealer he would have to throw one in to close the deal. Probably $20, his cost.

owners manual tells you to go to the dealer for valve checks haha!! im looking for the same info...

Just looking for someone with the procedure on the verification and adjustment of the valves. I have done it on our 110 couldn't be that much different, but need to verify it.



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