Fcr39 jetting on 07 sm...Eddie help please

I just had my fcr39 installed an there seems to be a jetting issue i guess...?

07 sm with yosh ti pipe,3x3 mod, k&n, fcr-39mm carb...

If I twist the throttle fast, it falls on it face an stalls or falls on it face an bogs then picks right up......

+1 to that.

I didn't do it before I installed my FCR, and had the same problem. You can do it without removing the carb if you have small fingers and some fine needle nose pliers. Took all of a minute to do, only a couple cents for the o-ring.

Much better!

:thumbsup: safe,


i have a older fcr then would i have to do the taffy mod?

what jetting does it have? how long is the squirt duration?

i dont know the jetting off had as i didnt put the carb in the bike. how would i check the squirt duration?

do all the new FCR have this bog problem? or is it a matter of luck and jetting

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