Don't want to buy a new cylinder head $$$$

I have a 2001 WR250f that has some scoring on the camshaft race. The service mgr. at the repair shop that I took it to tells me I need a whole new head. Looking around the different internet OEM parts houses I can get one for between $400 and $600 depending on where you look. he wants much more plus labor and possible replacement of the valves, guides, etc. Is there an alternative to buying a new cylinder head? Can it be reconditioned for much less? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

you can get the cam races reground but once it is said and done it well cost more than a new head. If you can find a complete head on ebay that would be the way to go. valves races and good cam jornals. If you shop around for a bit you well find one.

Theres a place that can fix this problem... do a search and you should find it. its been covered on here before.

I had the same problem on a WR450....major scoring. Found a shop who prepared race bikes and they welded back the missing metal, machined the cams and repaired area and shimmed valves. Total cost here £120...about $250 ? is a TT sponsor, maybe give them a call?

Thanks, guys. I'll check into all your recommendations.

Stay hard!

Sorry...I made a mistake. Post deleted

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