Weird problem with My KX 125

Yes the gremlins have formed an attachment with my bike.

When Im riding my bike the rear wheel feels wobbly, almost like the rear wheels lose, but theres no play. It recently had new suspension and linkage bearings put in, so that can't be it.

Something similar like this happened on my old bike (KLX 125L) and it turned out to be a broken wheel hub.

Is a broken wheel hub to blame here? :thumbsup:

Have you one by one tightened your spokes? Thats what it sounds like to me, just start on one a quarter turn at a time all the way around the wheel untill all feel good and tight.

i wouldnt go arbitrarily turning spokes. tap them first to see if they ring or not. the front end may also be to blame. doulbe check all the bolts and that sort of thing

Is the wheel true? Is it bent? Are the spokes tight, or are any missing? Is the wheel aligned correctly in the swingarm? What about the wheel bearings, have you checked them? When you replaced the linkage bearings, did you check the swingarm bearings?

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