wr400 vs. 400exc. and 426 vs 520 ktm

The 400 exc won out in June db mag. It didnt have the ponies of the wr400 but had other attributes. However a more recent mag put the yz 426f ahead of the ktm 520 sx. It seems to me that only in all out mx form is the Yamaha showing its true colors, and Ktm still ooffers a superior (more rounded) multi purpose bike.

I didnt think the Yamaha was a multipurpose bike? WR400/426 = Bush , YZ426 = Track ??

Your comparing Enduro to MX??

I've read all sorts of write ups, and various opinions and attributes are great.. but I'm just trying to see the meaning of your post here? Are you saying that Yamaha produce a better MX bike than Enduro bike? Or are you saying KTM are a better bike than Yamaha? I ride a WR400 because it suits me in many ways, not because a dirtbike mag says one has better attributes than another.

This is'nt a dig.. Im just trying to understand what your post is about :)

that db write up was very kind to yamaha in that they gave the bike an open exhaust.

after bikes have been tested standard they ought to try & eliminate the easy & obvious floors in the bikes for a few quid.

which bike would have won the test if everyone could spend just $500?

yz timing is free

tank & seat $300 (i think?)

top clamp with bars forward $200


sussies $500. then a very good bike i believe.


great out the crate & expensive too

i think the yam would beat the KTM in that kind of test.


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