Anyone see it?? Everyone up there OK??

It was pretty crazy here. Large hail and lots of wind. I saw one funnel cloud and I'm in Frederick.

fox news is reporting one dead. sounds like it touched down near miliken

Windsor and Greeley got hit hard as well.

Just turned the radio on to KYEN (103.9) in Severance (right between Greeley and Ft. Collins).... nothing but dead air...

I'm in Loveland and drove right under a funnel on my way back to work from lunch at about 12:45, pretty scary how may there were up here today. Shane is the only guy on here that lives in Windsor that I know so I hope he's ok. Hopefully he'll post up and let us know how his house fared. Too bad these tornados didn't do some good and blow this damn snow away. Brad.

How is our N Colo friends? Any caught in the Windsor tornado?

It touched pretty close to our house (I live 1.5 mile north of main street in Windsor) We are getting away with 3 broken windows and a few missing shingles. On the plus side, I gained a play structure (in kit form) and various pieces of building material. One of my neighbor's garage doors blew away, and one house under construction lost the garage.

Half a mile away is a different story though. I drove a bit around yesterday and it is pretty sobering.

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