Rampart Map Accuracy

I had a question for anyone "in the know". How accurate is trail info on the recent Rampart maps and on the web site? I picked up a map recently from a local dealer (who had tons of them) but when I was out at Rampart it didin't seem quite right.

Some examples would be trail 672 was blocked off and I've read on here that 692/693 were closed as well. The map shows all of the trails being open. On the flip side I came across a trail (single track?) off of 677 near Rampart Road that did not apprear on the map nor did they have signs at either end (although it had some directional arrows at one point).

I was just curious how up-to-date the local maps were and how up-to-date the Rampart website is on closed and open (not yet marked?) trails. I'm new to the area too so it's possible I'm a little off on my discriptions and directions :thumbsup:


I had that same thought the first time I broke out my map down there. I consider it a general guide now.

There are several changes coming for the Map. Yes the bear mtn loop is now closed.

But remember RRMMC is a non-profit group of Volunteers (ya know, dirt bikers) so when they closed 692/693, it took us by surprise as well, unfortunately we can't "eat" our back stock of maps

Add to this we do have new trail being laid out, buuuuut, we can't add it to the map until it's complete and open, lest we have poachers out there riding closed/incomplete trail.

So we are "stuck" between printings.

As stated, it's more of a guideline for intersections etc...

Hmmm... I think the map is pretty good considering it/was done all from volunteer work. Its a good guide to figure out where you are and where you need to go.

yeah its just a guide. i have like 4 of them for some reason... i seem to just buy one when i see them thinking it has changed and it hasn't... oh well money to a good cause! i don't see myself changing that either. hehehe... who is doing the spring poker run? i just got clearance for it with work and the other half!!

OK so when did they block off 672? At this rate you won't need a map. Any word on 679?

Whats going on with 679? I have not heard a thing...rode it a few times last year, and it is a fun trail.

Nothing really not the part you rode anyways, just wondering if Rodzilla had any news. I guess I should just give up and consider it gone.

guys I don't know what is up with 672. That is that short spur off of 677 right? I's pretty short, Like a mile or two?

As far as 679 it is still a "temporary" clousre for trail re-route.

fact of it is, a bunch of 4X4 yahoos got in there and tore it all up. The FS WAS going to close it, then they put in a replacement trail/post &cable that would not work at all!

If I remember is should be open this summer, don't quote me. I'll try to call Scott and see what is up.

Yes the 4 wheelers did make a mess of things. At the time I was told by one of the forest service employee's that the trail was temp closed while they knocked down the trees and other stuff to close off the road to the 4 wheelers but that it would re open after that to us and eventually a new section of trail would be added to tie it back into Dakan or Watson park road. If memory serves me thats been @ 4 years ago now.

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